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Nimsdai X Grivel Product Collaboration Launches

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The only safety equipment you need for your climbing adventures

Forged in Italy, crafted by Grivel, developed & tested by Nimsdai and his team of ground breaking world record holding mountaineers on the worlds biggest mountains.



Nimsdai X Grivel Crampons

Modern and light crampon for technical mountaineering and ice climbing.

A light crampon designed for technical ice climbing and mountaineering.

Designed, developed, and tested by Nimsdai & forged by Grivel in the most extreme environments on earth, these crampons come with two front points made from forged steel in a T-Structure, they have an easy clip-in mechanism, rather than the traditional strap at the front, that makes them easier to get on and off on the mountains. The mid-foot area is adjustable for a true fit, as are the two front crampon points – meaning these can be raised or lowered for ice climbing or walking across snow.

It has 12 points – providing greater stability, and the plasticity of the forged steel ensures a tight grip on the rock and a "soft" penetration on the ice.

Nimsdai G22 Crampons
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Nimsdai X Grivel G22 Crampons

Nimsdai X Grivel only available in Black, from lightweight crampons to waterproof harnesses and more, the range is everything you need to tack on any adventure or exped

Grivel x Nimsdai
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Grivel x Nimsdai
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Nimsdai X Grivel Climbing Helmet

Maximum protection, minimum weight. Pack light, go extreme with the Nimsdai Grivel Mutant helmet

This lightweight, high performance helmet is made of EPP with and ABS reinforcement on top. This combination of technologies allows a low weight with good all-round protection (on the top and sides) and good ventilation.

It features an innovative design with a symmetric hexagon-covered top and a different pattern left to right. Available in two sizes, the strap system is simplified to make it easy for a better fit but also to take on and off in the Big Mountains. Meaning not only is weight reduced but it is compact for easy storage.

Nimsdai X Grivel Climbing Helmet
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Nimsdai X Grivel Himani Harness

A minimalist harness equipped with all essential features.

A hyper lightweight harness designed for high performance, comfort and waterproof capabilities. Made with Dimension-Polyant’s X-tech sail fabric, which is inherently waterproof and incredibly strong and lightweight dyneema webbing, this harness is designed for mountaineering expeds and ski touring. A high fill count ensures the stability of the fabric and increases its resistance and durability. The harness has only one buckle, is extremely compactable and can be held in the palm of one hand and is built with aramid fabric to reduce bunching and improve comfort. The belt and leg loops are comfortable and ergonomically shaped thanks to the 3D mesh fabric. Defined by the elements this harness was designed, developed and tested by Nimsdai in the most extreme environments on earth forged by Grivel. 

Nimsdai Himani Harness
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Nimsdai X Grivel Condor Pole

Nimsdai X Grivel Figure 8

Nimsdai X Grivel Technical Ice Axe

Designed, developed and tested by Nimsdai in the most extreme environments on earth.

The North Machine Carbon Ice Axe is a multi-purpose technical ice axe, suitable for the most demanding alpinists perfect for high-level mountaineering. Built for fixing lines, opening a mountain route, ice climbing or for digging into the ice to forge a path. High performance carbon composite shaft makes it lightweight, steel blade, G-bone shape for greater strength and rigidity with lower thickness, and an overall shape designed to protect your fingers. Designed, developed and tested by Nimsdai in the most extreme environments on earth.

Nimsdai North Machine Ice Axe
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Nimsdai X Grivel Belay device

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