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Only accept the best. This is the very best kit, designed, developed and exped tested to help you achieve your new possible. Nimsdai and his team spend 11 months a year on the Big Mountains, so this kit has been exped tested for every adventure.  

By purchasing from the Nimsdai Store you will support the charitable Nimsdai Foundation. 5% of all proceeds go to support projects that redefine what is possible like the Big Mountain Clean Up and Lobuche Porters Lodge.

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With 14 Peaks, Nimsdai proved that multiple 8000ers could be climbed in a season – a feat thought impossible before. #NimsdaiStyle of climbing was born.

K2 Winter cemented his ground-breaking credentials, but it is in Nimsdai’s philanthropic efforts that his true legacy is realised. Through raising the name of the Nepal climbing community, fighting for equal pension rights of Gurkhas, encouraging tourism to Nepal, supporting the next generation of climbers and funding projects that Inspire, Educate and Protect through the Nimsdai Foundation – Nimsdai’s legacy of helping others achieve their new possible grows stronger year on year.

5% of all proceeds from across the Nimsdai Brands (including Elite Exped, Skydive Nimsdai, as well as from future book and film opportunities and speaking events,) will be donated to support the Nimsdai Foundation.

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Defined by the elements

A collection to help you achieve your new possible – and help those who need it most.

Nimsdai's Philosophy: Embracing "Nothing is Impossible", the collection is rigorously tested in extreme environments.

Protection Focus: Each item is crafted for utmost protection in harsh conditions, ensuring focus on the adventure.

Community Commitment: Nimsdai donates 5% of all proceeds to the Nimsdai Foundation, supporting inspirational, educational, and protective projects.

Adventure-Driven: Nimsdai's year-round mountain expeditions across various terrains fuel our product inspiration and development.

Leadership and Expertise: Guided by a world-record-breaking team, our products reflect the pinnacle of excellence.

Aim to Achieve: Our goal is to enable your success in all endeavours, mountainous or otherwise.

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Nimsdai and his world record breaking team exped test all kit to the limit; in all weathers, across the different 8,000m mountains of the world and the Seven Summits, for months at a time.

This collection provides the quality adventurers need, whatever their outdoor adventure. Look good, do good – with 5% of all proceeds going to Nimsdai Foundation’s
charitable work.


Nimsdai foundation

“This collection will help you achieve your new possible in every adventure, and you will be supporting projects globally through my Nimsdai Foundation" - Nimsdai

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"The goal is to inspire, motivate and give back.”