Nimsdai K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket

The Ultimate Waterproof Jacket - The Nimsdai K2 Winter Waterproof

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Taking on any adventure or expedition requires only the best equipment. Here, we want to give you an in-depth breakdown of our best-selling outer layer, the K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket.

The K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, providing unparalleled protection and comfort.

Crafted with advanced waterproof and breathable materials, it ensures you stay dry and warm, no matter the weather. With features like GORE-TEX PRO®, Recco Technology, reinforced seams, multiple pockets for essentials, and adjustable cuffs and hood, this jacket is engineered for performance and durability. Whether you're summiting peaks or braving winter storms, the K2 Winter Waterproof jacket is your ultimate companion.

This exceptional outer layer is perfect for both warmth and style, making it the ideal choice for any outdoor activity. Whether you're climbing the highest peaks or embarking on a weekend hike, the K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket provides unparalleled comfort and performance.

In this blog, we'll explore the features that make the K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket a must-have for any adventurer, including its advanced materials, superior weather protection, and sleek design.

Discover why so many outdoor enthusiasts trust the K2 Winter Waterproof jacket to keep them dry and protected in even the harshest conditions.

The Nimsdai K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket - Tech talk with Nimsdai

Powered by GORE-TEX PRO®

Guaranteed to keep you dry in rain and snow, GORE-TEX PRO ®  is the industry-leading membrane system designed to keep water out, while allowing sweat to escape. We use the performance three-layer Nylon GORE-TEX PRO ® fabric with a 28K/<6 RET membrane on our jackets and pants. This versatile technology continues to set the standard in waterproof protection. It is windproof, durable, breathable and keeps you dry – no matter the environment or adventure. 

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Powered by RECCO Technology®

Based on a directional radar system and composed of a detector and passive reflector (which is integrated into garments), RECCO® Technology is designed to aid rescue services when locating people in an emergency.

RECCO ®  detectors are carried by rescue services, and the reflector is a passive responder which is integrated into the clothing – this could be on the hood or the hem. They require no power or activation for them to work. Ultra-durable, reflectors are designed to last a lifetime.   

Recco Techonology
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The K2 Winter Waterproof GORE-TEX PRO® Jacket

The K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket is crafted with advanced waterproof and breathable materials, including GORE-TEX PRO® and RECCO® Technology, ensuring unparalleled protection and comfort.

Ideal for high-altitude mountaineering and versatile enough for urban wear, this jacket features reinforced seams, multiple pockets, adjustable cuffs, and a helmet-compatible hood. Its slim fit provides warmth and freedom of movement, making it a great all-round piece for any adventure.

Designed, developed, and tested by Nimsdai and his world-record-breaking team in the most extreme environments on earth.

Justin Verified by Shop

Very happy with this jacket. Flexible fit and does what is says on the tin. I feel confident I can be out in the British weather in all seasons without getting wet and uncomfortable. Stylish too.


Style & Fit - Designed as a slim fit to sit close to the body for a more relax fit, we recommend to size up.

Double-slider zip down the centre front, zipped hand pockets and zipped breast pockets.

Increased zipper pullers for ease of use with gloves.

Equipped with RECCO® technology that makes you searchable to rescue professionals.

Dual zip underarm vent for increased ventilation.

1 zip inner pocket, 1 zipped cuff pocket.

Mesh inner dump pockets (1 with Velcro fastening)

Helmet-compatible, adjustable hood with folding brim.

Adjustable waist cinch.

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K2- Winter Waterproof Jacket

Superior Protection: The K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket is crafted with GORE-TEX PRO® and RECCO® Technology, providing exceptional protection and waterproofing. Its ability to retain heat while remaining breathable ensures comfort during adverse weather adventures.

Versatile Design: The K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket combines functionality with style, this jacket is suitable for both high-altitude mountaineering and urban wear. Its lightweight and flexible fabric allows for ease of movement, whether climbing peaks or exploring trails.

Durable and Reliable: The K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket is Built to withstand rugged outdoor use, the jacket's high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable addition to your adventure gear.

Richard Verified by Shop

Excellent Jacket. Driving rain and a cold wind kept well at bay in the Peak District whilst maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Item is true to (my) size not one size larger as the fitting guide suggests. I ordered XXl but exchanged for XL. For reference I’m 6.2ft 210lb.

Technical Ratings Of The K2 Winter Waterproof

Technical Ratings Exped Fleece
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Summary: Discover the K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket – The Ultimate Outer Layer for Every Adventure

The K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket is a top-selling item at the Nimsdai Store, renowned for its superior protection, versatile design, and durable construction. Crafted with GORE-TEX PRO® and RECCO® Technology, this jacket ensures exceptional waterproofing and breathability, making it an ideal outer layer for any outdoor activity.

Its sleek, stylish design allows for both functionality in rugged environments and casual wear, providing flexibility and ease of movement. Built to withstand frequent use, the K2 Jacket offers long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for all your adventures. Whether you’re scaling peaks or exploring trails, the K2 Winter Waterproof Jacket is your go-to choice for comfort and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the K2 Winter Waterpoof Jacket made from?

3-layer nylon GORE-TEX PRO® fabric with a 28K/<6 RET membrane.

How does the K2 Winter Waterpoof keep me dry and protected?

Using GORE-TEX PRO® its built to with stand adverse weather condtions and storms, partnered with Recco technology to be sure you can be located when needed.

How do I wash the K2 Winter Waterpoof?

Please refer to the care label for instructions on this, or contact for more information.

How does the K2 Winter Waterpoof compare to other waterproof jackets?

"The K2 Winter Waterpoof was developed with direct input from Nimsdai Purja and his team of pioneering mountaineers.

Following their record-breaking conquest of the 14 peaks, they designed a clothing line capable of withstanding a variety of endeavors.

This range is built to endure, reflecting the resilience and expertise of those who know the mountains best."

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