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Scarpa X Nimsdai - The Ultimate Footwear Collection

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"I am proud to have partnered with Scarpa and have a longstanding history with them to bring you the best footwear available on the market."

Nimsdai Purja

Nimsdai Scarpa Boots
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#BigMountains require the ultimate kit, Nimsdai has the best in footwear to keep you not only safe but ensure your feet are warm and protected from the elements

For the world's highest mountains, you need the lightest, warmest boots on the market. For years, boots were too heavy, too hard to put on, and lacked modern integrations such as waterproofing, rescue technology, and heating systems. Nimsdai worked directly with Scarpa to create the Ultimate 8000m boot. Packed full of features and user-friendly integrations, these boots are fast to put on, light to climb with, yet durable and tough enough to last mountain after mountain. They also feature a world-first heating unit to ensure your feet and toes are fully protected from the cold in the world's harshest environments.

Nimsdai Scarpa Phantom 8000
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Heated Phantom 8000 Summit Boots

The lightest and warmest 8000meter boots. The only high-altitude boot you’ll need for the big mountains. Exclusive from Nimsdai. 

Introducing the SCARPA Phantom 8000 Nims HD. This high-altitude boot was designed by Scarpa, and developed and tested by mountaineering icon Nimsdai and his Elite Exped team.

Nims worked directly with the R&D Department of SCARPA for more than two years to curate the ultimate high-altitude boot. It won’t let you down, even in the most extreme environments.

Exclusive on to Nimsdai. 

Scarpa Phantom Heated Boots
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The first boots with an integrated heating system by THERM-IC UK.

Heating system: Two Power banks with connector and charge cable.

Three heating modes – 16hrs, 8hrs and 4hrs.

Equipped with Recco technology In case of avalanches and emergencies or if lost in the outdoors RECCO rescue reflectors make you searchable by organized rescue teams searching with RECCO detectors.

RECCO technology is not a substitute for an avalanche transceiver.

Nimsdai Heated Phantom 8000
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The Nimsdai Scarpa Phantom 8000m Heated Boots are engineered for the highest mountains, utilising cutting-edge materials and technology to ensure unparalleled performance. The gaiter features Ecorepel® Bio Schoeller and PU TEK Technology, combined with an HDry® membrane and PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation, sealed with a durable YKK zip. The shell is crafted from a water-resistant microfiber with high tenacity and mechanical strength, made from 50% recycled Nylon pre-consumer and 50% PU, along with 80% recycled PET for active thermal insulation. The liner integrates WinTherm® and O-Therm with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation for maximum warmth. The insole is constructed from Carbon Tech III SL, ensuring lightweight support. The POWER STRAP LITE provides excellent ankle support without adding extra weight. Upper materials include PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation at 200 g/m², while the eco-friendly grip control is 100% recycled. The bottom materials feature PrimaLoft Silver® Performance Yarn, made from 70% recycled content, offering ultra-thin, warm, and resistant properties. The sole is designed with 0 Gravity Lite, offering two insole options: the high-altitude footbed or the THERM-IC heated 3D insole. Despite their robust construction, these boots weigh only 1450 grams per half pair (size 42, with liner).

Experience the pinnacle of mountaineering footwear with the Nimsdai Scarpa Phantom 8000m Heated Boots,

Lightweight, waterproof and durable, the Nimsdai Scarpa Phantom 8000'ers

Phantom 8000
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Not only for the big mountains, but for all treks and adventures

Not only do we offer the perfect footwear for conquering the highest peaks, but we also provide the ideal shoes for everyday adventures and trekking to remote basecamps. The Nimsdai-approved Scarpa range includes a variety of options, from trainers to trekking boots, each designed to meet the demands of different terrains and activities. Whether you’re embarking on a casual hike, a challenging trek, or a full-scale expedition, Scarpa has you covered. 

Tested and approved by Nimsdai himself, these shoes are built to help you #AchieveYourNewPossible, providing the support, durability, and comfort needed for every adventure. Explore the Scarpa range and find the perfect footwear for your next journey.

Trekking Boot Everest
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Rush Trk Lt Gtx - Gray-lime

All round 4 season hiking boot

The Scarpa Rusk Trk LT is a lightweight ripstop fabric hiking boot, featuring water-resistant suede uppers with breathable mesh zones and a GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort membrane for additional wet weather protection. This makes the Rusk Trk suited to year-round hiking in both warm and cold temperatures, from dry to wet weather. It's a comfortable boot with technologies that help reduce foot fatigue during activity – designed for short or daily hike with the right mix of comfort, stability and lightness.

Expedition approved: Kilimanjaro Summit, up to Everest Base Camp these scarpa boots are perfect to take on all rocky terrains.

Trekking Boot
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Great Everyday Shoe *****

Comfy and with a nice wide sole, so very stable on rough/uneven ground, would recommend - Andy B

Check out the approved Nimsdai Scarpa collection below

Scarpa Boots: Excellence in Footwear for Every Adventure

Scarpa boots are renowned for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and durability, making them a top choice for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. With a rich history and expertise in crafting footwear, Scarpa offers a diverse range of boots tailored to various activities, including mountaineering, trekking, hiking, and everyday adventures.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Materials : Scarpa boots utilize cutting-edge materials such as PrimaLoft® insulation, HDry® membranes, and high-tenacity recycled fibers to ensure warmth, waterproofing, and durability.
  2. Innovative Technology : Features like the THERM-IC heated insoles, POWER STRAP LITE for ankle support, and lightweight Carbon Tech insoles provide superior performance and comfort.
  3. Sustainability : Scarpa is committed to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly materials such as recycled Nylon, PET, and PrimaLoft® Performance Yarn into their designs.
  4. Versatility : From high-altitude mountaineering boots designed for the world's tallest peaks to versatile trekking and hiking boots for everyday use, Scarpa offers footwear solutions for every adventure.
  5. Proven Performance : Endorsed and tested by professional climbers and adventurers like Nimsdai, Scarpa boots are trusted to deliver reliable performance in the most demanding conditions.

Scarpa’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability ensures that their boots not only meet but exceed the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts, helping them #AchieveYourNewPossible on every journey.