Mt Everest Summit

Summit success wearing the Nimsdai Ultimate Down Suit on Everest this season!

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Mount Everest, known to locals as Sagarmatha, is undoubtedly on the bucket list of every adventurer. Who wouldn't want to conquer the highest mountain on the planet?

Reaching the top of the world, exactly 8,848.86m above sea-level, is no easy task.

''Thie 2024 season saw a record amount of climbers on Everest''

Challenging weather conditions and short summit windows made the climb to the top of the world that little bit harder. However, equipped with only the best from the Nimsdai Store, our climbers stayed safe, warm, and frostbite-free, thanks to the heated summit boots.

Team Nimsdai and Elite Exped had clients from all over the world take on the highest mountain. We achieved a total of 40 summits at the peak of Mt. Everest 8849m and 7 summits on Mt. Lhotse, the fifth highest mountain in the world at 8,516m

Elite Exped Client on the Summit of Mt Everest wearing the Nimsdai Ultimate Summit Suit

Check out what it's like to climb with Nimsdai & Elite Exped

Join world-record breaking mountaineer Nimsdai Purja and his Elite Exped team as they climb the highest 8,000er peak in the world. Mt Everest

We could not have been in safer hands. Everything was conducted to the highest standard. I had complete confidence in the safety system on the mountain at all times. This is such a huge thing to commend Elite on - and also a key reason we all reached the summit and returned safely.

Ed Hill Everest Summiter 2021

Equipped to take on the roof of the world Mt Everest

From start to finish I have felt like part of a family, Elite takes care of their clients and provides the highest quality mountaineering experience you can get. I can’t wait to be back climbing with Elite Exped and visiting my new family again!!

Adri Brownlee Everest Summiter 2021

We are proud of our immense success rate on Mt. Everest, and it's gratifying to see clients complete their mountaineering journey with us. Starting from the lowest peaks and working up to the highest, #AchievingTheirNewPossible.

Nimsdai Ultimate Summit Suit on Mt Everest Summit

Everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset.

Nimsdai Purja MBE High altitude expedition leader

Elite Exped Client on the Summit of Mt Everest wearing the Nimsdai Ultimate Summit Suit

Update from Exped Leader Nimsdai Purja

A busy season on  #Everest  and  #Lhotse  this year so far! Proud of my clients, guides and all team members who made this happen and  #Achievedtheirnewpossible

Summit success ⬇️
Everest 40 pax 🏔️
Lhotse 7 pax🏔️

If you are seeking your next unforgettable experience and summit success reach out to


We guide on all #14peaks  and  #sevensummits 🙌🏽🙏🏽

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Nimsdai Purja On Mt Everest
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to climb Mt Everest

Our Mt Everest exped runs for 55 days ensuring our clients acclimatise safely and have the best weather window.

What Is the best clothing and equipment for a Everest summit attempt

You can shop our 8000m collection here

How does the Ultimate Summit Suit compare to traditional mountaineering suits.

This is suit was created from direct feedback from Nimsdai Purja and his team of ground breaking mountaineers, after smashing the 14 peaks record he built a suit that would endure multiple ascents of 8000'ers and not like traditional suits where they only last 1 or 2 ascents.

How does the suit keep me safe

Not only will the suit keep you warm and dry, it has also built in RECCO® Technology devices on the arm and legs to ensure incase of need you can be located.

Elite Exped Client on the Summit of Mt Everest wearing the Nimsdai Ultimate Summit Suit

Climb Everest With Elite Exped: The ultimate mountaineering adventure

Elite Exped offers a tailored Everest expedition based on the plans that allowed our leaders — Nimsdai Purja, Mingma David and Mingma Tenzi — to climb the peak numerous times successfully, break many world records and safely return from the tallest mountain in the world.

Our unparalleled expertise on Everest has been accumulated over long years of guiding in all conditions. Our handpicked team of guides have chalked up dozens of successful summits between them and we have an industry-leading climber summit rate with such experienced guides at the helm.

We tackle Everest from the south - with direct access from our home country, logistical arrangements are unparalleled. The expedition takes you into the heart of the Himalayas, as you trek to the likes of Namche Bazaar, Deboche and Dingboche, before ascending to Everest’s summit from Base Camp. The 55-day package is designed with plenty of rest days and time for acclimatization built-in, as well as a lengthy, 42-day period for climbing the mountain itself.

We oversee every step of our logistical operations and meet the very highest safety standards. Our founders’ Nepalese heritage and ability to bridge the gap between Western and Himalayan climbing cultures allows us to run every aspect of our operation smoothly.

Our guides also have extensive experience in conducting high-altitude rescue operations. We have evacuation plans and accessible helicopter rescue in place for emergencies. No one can cater for every eventuality in the world’s most extreme environments, but we can guarantee that you will be in the safest possible hands should the unexpected happen.

We don’t see our clients as clients - we see them as friends and fellow high-achievers. People who, like us, have made chasing their dreams a priority. We know why you climb because we feel the same way. That means we’ll make sure no stone is left unturned in our quest to help you achieve those dreams. We know how it feels to stand on top of the world. It’s our dream to be able to share that with you.

Take on Mt Everest with Elite Exped!

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