Nimsdai Gives Back

How your purchases help those who need it.

For the big mountain community.

Nimsdai Gives Back

How your purchases help those who need it most

Leading by example and demonstrating his values, Nimsdai Purja has committed to donate a percentage of contributions received by any of the Nimsdai Brands (including Elite Exped, Skydive Nimsdai, as well as from future book and film opportunities, brand endorsements and speaking events), to supporting the Nimsdai Foundation ‘change lives, by redefining what is possible.’

Nims’ unwavering belief is that with the right attitude and a determined pursuit for excellence, nothing is impossible. He is passionate about making a difference and committed to giving back to the communities and places that have inspired him. Based on his personal values the Nimsdai Foundation was established to support people and projects that seek to Inspire, Educate, and Protect. These include:

Educational Initiatives

The Foundation focuses on providing equal and equitable educational opportunities. The Foundation works towards building or improving schools, providing learning opportunities, or supplying educational materials to help support the future of young learners.

Environment &  Renewable Energy Projects

The Foundation seeks to preserve the cultural heritage and environmental integrity of the mountains. Responding to the increasingly fragile ecosystem, we deliver and support innovative projects that deliver real change. Leading by example and working with key partners, we want to ensure that the spaces we enjoy are there for everyone.

Supporting Others Achieve Their Possible

The Foundation seeks to inspire everyone to achieve a new possible, as we believe the environment is a force for rehabilitative good. We support those that may have, or continue to struggle with, physiological or psychologic challenges. We also play a significant role in nurturing the next generation of climbers, providing resources and opportunities for young enthusiasts to develop their skills in mountaineering.

Disaster Relief

As the world changes, we find ourselves experiencing more frequent natural disasters. These devastating events often impact the poorest and most difficult to reach communities.

If we have the right skills and experience, we are prepared to respond. If we can use our global voice to increase awareness and help others, we are prepared to respond. We recognise that providing rapid support, either through our network or that of our trusted partners, can have an immediate and positive change for those affected.

Through these initiatives, the Nimsdai Foundation is laying down a foundation for long-term growth and development, and helping to redefine what is possible.

Find Out About The Nimsdai Foundation
  • Porter House Project

    Lobuche is one of the last key stops before Everest Base Camp. Porters currently have to drop bags here and return back down to Pheriche, (approx 10km,) to rest before they head back up to meet the clients to depart EBC the following day. This new porter house saves them approx 20km of travelling.

  • Nimsdai Merchandise

    Buy Nimsdai merchandise to fund projects that inspire, educate, and protect, as 5% of whole proceedings will be donated to support the Nimsdai Foundation's mission.

  • Big Mountain Clean-up

    The ever-increasing accumulation of expedition waste is polluting the pristine environment of the Himalayas. This is unacceptable. The Big Mountain Clean-up aims to tackle the problem head-on.