Project Possible Jacket - The Ultimate Down Jacket

Using hydrophobic down and a patented design construction, the feathers do not clump when wet or create a chamber when compressed. Therefore it maintains maximum warmth and insulation when the environment changes like no other.

Specially engineered features include; elasticated detailing which is designed to sit closer to the body and keep you warmer, the cuff also has a thumb loop for added warmth and protection on the mountains. Polartec® fleece inside the pockets for extra warmth and micro-fibre fleece round the face to protect from chaffing in extreme conditions, as well as deep mesh inner pockets – perfect for water bottles and gloves.

Engineered for climbing 6,000m, 7,000 or 8,000m peaks, mountaineering, ice climbing or skiing.

Designed, developed and tested by Nimsdai and his world-record breaking team in the most extreme environments on earth.

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Tech Features of the Project Possible Down Jacket.

Two- layer nylon fabric with a DWR treatment and 15K/15K membrane

90% White Duck Down - 10% White Duck Down Feather padding (FILL POWER: 790 CUIN - IDFB Steam Test) Water-repellent product

Innovative padding system made up of down feather and strips of Comfortemp®

The reinforced yoke features an additional layer of 60g Comfortemp®

Elasticated jacket feature holds the jacket closer to the body to keep you warmer.

Polartec® fleece inside front pockets for additional warmth

Microfibre fleece around face for anti-chaffing

Double-slider zip down the centre front and zipped hand pockets

Deep mesh pockets inside to fit water bottles in, as well as smaller inner pockets.

Hood with peak and tight elasticated band on the front

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The Ultimate Down Jacket

"Designed for more than just the towering peaks, this robust jacket is versatile enough for various outdoor activities. Its construction is focused on providing protection and durability. Gear up to #AchieveYourNewPossible.

Comfort and Usability in Extreme Conditions

"Beyond its rugged exterior, the Project possible Down Jacket delivers unparalleled comfort.

Crafted to enable full mobility, it's essential for adventurers traversing diverse terrains or embracing the extremes.

The jacket is equipped with stretchable fabrics, Down and Fleece lined areas ensuring warmth is locked in whilst ensuring ease of movement for any activity you embark on.

It features both internal and external pockets, providing secure storage for your essentials. Additionally, the adjustable hood, cuffs, and waistbands are meticulously designed to shield you from the elements."

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Safety First: Commitment to Climbers

Prioritizing the adventurers safety, the jacket is equipped with features like emergency Recco beacons.

These features provide you with a sense of security, knowing your prepared for unexpected situation with integrated RECCO® Technology reflectors making you searchable to rescuers.

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Project Possivle Tech Talk


Designed Developed and tested by the worlds best on the worlds biggest mountains. The project possible down jacket will help you #Achieveyournewpossilbe

  • Exped Tested

    "Tested globally, the PP jacket has proven its durability against the elements, aiding adventurers in #AchievingTheirNewPossible. Boasting the latest in technical features and strategic product placement, this jacket stands as the ultimate waterproof solution for outdoor enthusiasts."

  • As Worn By

    "This Jacket has been used by Nimsdai and his team of groundbreaking, world record-holding mountaineers on all of the world's biggest mountains, time and time again."

  • Made in Moldova.

    "Crafted by industry-leading factories, the PP jacket is built to endure any adventure or expedition that comes your way. Purchasing this jacket contributes to a greater cause. Nimsdai donates 5% of its profits to the Nimsdai Foundation, supporting projects that inspire, educate, and protect. This commitment ensures that a portion of the profits is allocated to advancing the Foundation's mission.

Project possible down jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the down fill level of the jacket?

The Project Possible Jacket combines a 790 fill power down jacket with a durable two-layer Nylon fabric with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment and 15k/15K membrane - making it protective, durable and breathable.

How does the jacket keep me safe.

"By utilizing Reeco technology, this jacket emits a unique signal, enabling search and rescue teams to locate you more efficiently."

How do I wash the project possible down jacket?

Please refer to the care label for instructions on this, or contact for more information.

What other sports can I use the project possible jacket for.

"This jacket is crafted not just for mountain expeditions but also for thrill-seekers and adventurers of all kinds. It's perfectly suited for activities like skiing, mountain biking, and more, adapting to a wide range of outdoor pursuits."

How does the project possible down jacket compare to other down jackets.

"This jacket was developed with direct input from Nimsdai Purja and his team of pioneering mountaineers.

Following their record-breaking conquest of the 14 peaks, they designed a clothing line capable of withstanding a variety of endeavors.

This range is built to endure, reflecting the resilience and expertise of those who know the mountains best."

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